Getting Started

Once you’ve activated Victory, you’ll be forwarded to the Getting Started page (Appearance → Getting Started). Here, you can view the help file, browse frequently asked questions, and activate your theme’s license to enable seamless theme updates.

Activating Your License

We strongly recommend that you add your theme’s license key in the Getting Started page. By adding your key, you activate seamless theme updates. With theme updates enabled, you’ll get a notification in your dashboard whenever there is an update available. You can then update right in your WordPress dashboard, keeping your site healthy and secure.

You can find your theme’s license key by signing in to your WP Club Manager account dashboard and visiting the Downloads page. Click the View License link on your theme to view the license key. Copy this key and enter it into the sidebar of your Getting Started page and click the Activate License button. Your license key should now be active!

Below is a list of recommended plugins to install that will help you get the most out of Victory. Although each plugin is optional, it is recommended that you at least install WP Club Manager and Subtitles to create a website similar to the Victory demo.

  • WP Club Manager – WP Club Manager is a free plugin that enables you to manage your sports club website. It lets you keep track of your clubs matches, player stats, sponsors and loads more. The plugin is optional but many of the features of this theme won’t work without it.
  • Subtitles – Subtitles is a free plugin that lets you add optional subtitles to your post and pages. Once installed, you’ll see a Subtitle field under your Title field on post edit pages. Victory outputs this title in the header for you, no setup required.

These plugins are also listed in the Plugins tab of your Getting Started page, and you can install the plugins directly from there.

Customising Your Site

One of the first steps you’ll want to do when setting up your site is customize the appearance with your site title or logo, header images, colours etc. This can all be done by visiting Appearance → Customize.

Social Icon Menu

Create a social icon drop menu to let visitors know where to find you.

  • To add a social icon menu, go to Appearance → Menus.
  • Create a new menu
  • On the left side of the Menu page, click the Links menu item to add to your social links.
  • Add the URL for each of your social profiles and a label for the link. Victory will detect which site you are linking to and display a matching Font Awesome icon. Icons are supported for the following sites: Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube and Vimeo.
  • In Menu Settings, check the Social Menu option in Display Location.
  • Save the menu when finished.
  • You can also use this social menu with the Custom Menu widget (Appearance → Widgets) to display social links in your footer.

Creating Your Homepage

Victory includes a sleek homepage template. Please note, to change a template’s settings in the Customizer, you must be currently viewing the homepage template.

The Home Page template will turn your homepage into a grid of widgets. Any widgets you add to the Homepage Widgets area will be shown on this template. The homepage template also includes a hero title section, next match ticker, latest news, latest match reports and players sliders.

To use this template, create a new page and choose the Home Page template in the Page Attributes box.

Setting Your Front Page

Once you’ve decided on which homepage template to use and you’ve created the page, we need to tell WordPress to use this page as your front page instead of your news posts.

Before we can do this, we need to make sure we have a page that will display our news posts. Create a new page called News (or whatever title you want) and publish the page. You do not need to add any content to this page since it will only display your blog/news posts.

Now that we have a Home page and a Blog page created, go to Settings → Reading (or Appearance → Customize → Static Front Page). In the Front Page Displays setting, select A static page and set your Front page to your newly created Home page and your Posts page to the Blog page and click the Save button.

Add Page Subtitles

Victory uses the Subtitles plugin to add subtitles to posts and pages throughout the theme. Subtitles allows you to give a little bit more info in your titles and display a nice subtitle in your home page hero title section.

To add subtitles, you’ll first need to install the Subtitles plugin. Once installed and activated, you’ll see there is now a Subtitle field under your post and page titles. Any time you enter a subtitle, it will be output into the title area of your post or page. No other action is required to use subtitles.

A carousel gallery allows you to showcase several product or portfolio images in a slider as well as a pop-up lightbox. Carousel galleries are available on all posts and matches.

The carousel gallery is super simple to create and uses WordPress’s built-in gallery function. To create a new carousel, click the Add Media button on your post. Click Create Gallery and select the images you’d like to add to the carousel. Once you’ve selected and arranged your images how you’d like, click Insert Gallery and insert the gallery at the top of your post editor, like this. Then, in the Post Format box on the right side of your post editor, select Gallery. You can now publish your post or continue to add content below your gallery.