At WP Club Manager we realise that not everyone is a web developer, in fact our software is so easy to use you can set up your sports club’s very first website as a complete novice, see our step by step guide for more info.

We have decided to put together our jargon buster in case there is any terminology across our site that you need a little help understanding…..enjoy!


Free, open source and powerful software which is used as a website creation tool. Originally for blogging sites but has evolved to be a full content management system. The possibilities with WordPress are endless.



Informal, chatty or diary style entries on a website. Often informative and entertaining. A blog is a useful aspect of a website generating new content


A WordPress plugin (like WP Club Manager) integrates seamlessly with WordPress. It is a piece of software that adds functionality and features to a website


A piece of software that further extends the functionality or features of the plugin itself


Usually in the sidebar (but can be in other widgetised areas such as the footer) a widget allows you to add a feature such as a link to another webpage



Not just the writing on your site, content can also be pictures, videos, blog posts


Not always at the side! A sidebar is an area which is not part of the main content but displays information. Sidebars are widget-ready and so widgets can be dropped in


A list of links to areas in your site. Most common is the navigation menu


A theme changes the way your website is displayed, it is a collection of files which change the design and layout for the user.


Front end

The part of your website directly viewed by the user

Back end

The bit with all the building work, the construction of your website and where you make changes to what the user can see



The area at the bottom of the webpage, can be widgetised depending on the theme

Open Source

Software where the code is publicly available to be modified and redistributed


The first screen you see from the admin area of your site summarising all the areas within your website and allowing you to navigate through them

If you come across any other terms in our website that you need a definition for let us know and we will happily add them to the list!


Published by Leanne Bulley