Streamline administration and improve communication in your sports club with a professional website. With easy to use, powerful and free tools, WordPress and WP Club Manager, building a website for your club doesn’t need to be difficult, expensive or time consuming. The benefits far outweigh the initial set up.

Here’s our top 5 reasons your club will benefit from a website

Engage your team

Engaging your current players has to be the key reason to have a club website. Keeping your players updated and in sync encourages motivation and success.

Without a contemporary website a team can feel outdated and dull.

A great website encourages enthusiasm and energy away from the playing field and strengthens commitment.

Communicating through your website is more consistent than making calls, sending emails or having a messaging group, it’s also far less time consuming. Your news, match summaries, team sheets can all be uploaded efficiently and shared with the whole team instantly

Your supporters

Whether playing in the local league or on an international stage there will be fans, supporters, followers. A website means they can feel part of the club and reinforces loyalty.

Maybe to check up on player stats, the next fixture or for a full match write up it’s a vital part of captivating your supporters.

Attract new talent

We know that in 2017 attracting new young talent is more important than ever. Young players are easily tempted away from teams and difficult to engage in the first place.

Without a slick website new talent may overlook your team and fail to get a sense of your club’s ethos.

Attract sponsors

After new talent and supporters the next most vital element of any sports team are the sponsors.
WP Club Manager Sponsors extension allows sponsors access to detailed stats whilst allowing the club to maintain full control

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Published by Leanne Bulley